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"When I am out of the office,
my boss and co-workers are ALWAYS calling me because they don't know WHO to call or WHERE I keep "STUFF"!"

I hear this complaint from office managers, bosses, and business owners every time I meet with or talk to a new client who’s looking to get their office more organized. You may have said it yourself:

  • "Someone from the office ALWAYS calls me 
    whenever I'm out sick, once I was called when I was 
    in the hospital!"
  • "I can't even take a vacation without someone from 
    the office tracking me down to ask me something!"
  • "We have so many computers and software packages,
    it's hard to keep track of what  computer has the 
    latest version!
  • "I'm a new business owner, it's hard to keep track of 
    all the vendors, maintenance, and especially where
    I put things!"

You can quickly and easily avoid wasting time and energy searching for the numbers to reach the accountant, Internet provider, or vendors you purchase specific products from.

You can effortlessly save several hundred dollars a month simply by timing your office maintenance better.

You, your staff—or your co-workers—can instantly find every important paper you need, should you ever have an accident or unexpected change in circumstances. You just need one central place to put all this information at your fingertips!

Organizing Tip: Create a notebook for yourself with three tabs. Mark the three sections: WHO, WHEN and WHERE.

In the WHO section, make a list of service companies that you call and do business with. Include the accountant, Internet provider, electrician, plumber, attorney, cleaning service, post office, travel agent, you name it. Next to each company, write down their phone number and your account number.

In the WHEN section, create a list for each month and record the dates that you had—or want to have—services performed in your office or for your equipment. Include dates for getting your software upgraded (like your virus scanner, when you need to renew your domain name, insurance polices, licenses, and so on.

In the WHERE section, make a list of all your important documents, such as your bank records, insurance policies, licenses, manuals, invoices, clients, and so on.  Include information about where you filed the documents.

Some organizers think I’m crazy for walking you through how to create your very own WHO, WHEN and WHERE booklet. But I believe that it’s just as important for me to help empower you to take charge of the clutter in your life as it is for me to make money helping you take charge of the clutter in your life.

Sure, you can make your own notebook if you want. You can take the time to alphabetize your list of WHO’s again and again as you add new contacts. You can wrack your brain trying to make sure your WHEN section includes every maintenance item you can think of. You can spend months adding different important documents to your WHERE section, as you think of them.

Or you can super-charge your organizing process—and give yourself peace of mind now—by ordering my best-selling "Little Green WHO, WHEN and WHERE Office Managers E-Booklet." Each section in this handy e-booklet includes helpful tips that are designed specifically to show you:

  • Who to include on your WHO list— and who not 
    to include.
  • How and where to file your important office  documents.

Whether you work in an office, own a business, or run the office: the "Little Green WHO, WHEN and WHERE Office Managers E-Booklet" will save you, your staff, or co-workers time and energy.

  • No longer will you or your co-workers have to worry
    or SEARCH for WHO to call if an emergency or a 
    problem arises,
    WHEN to schedule office maintenance, or WHERE you file and store your important documents!
  • No longer will you hunt for the phone number and 
    account number of the service companies you call
    and use! The WHO section has a  generic list of 
    services and companies that you call and associate 
    with; such as Delivery Services, Equipment Repairs, 
    Office Suppliers. All you  have to do is record the 
    phone number and account numbers.
  • No longer will you forget when to schedule routine 
    office maintenance or get the copier serviced! 
    The WHEN section has tips for the best time of year 
    to get services performed and a generic list where 
    you record the dates for  services performed at
    your office; such as  getting the copier serviced or 
    when you have to renew your internet service.
  • No longer will you "lose" or misplace your important
    documents that can be so expensive to replace or
  • The WHERE section  has tips on how and where to 
    store your  important office documents. This section 
    also  contains a generic list for you to record where
    you keep your important documents; such as  your 
    resellers license, insurance policies, and  tax 

"I travel abroad a lot. Now that I’ve filled out my Little Green WHO, WHEN and WHERE Office Management Booklet, I travel with peace of mind. If something ever happens while I’m gone I know that the person I’ve left in charge of my affairs can simply look in the book and find what they need—from the air conditioning repairman to the passwords for the my computer." 
– Paula Langguth Ryan, Prosperity Advisor, Owings Mills, MD

Who Do You Need to Buy a Gift For This Month?

"The Little Green WHO, WHEN and WHERE Office Managers E-Booklet" is a wonderful and valuable gift for yourself, your staff, your coworkers, your friends, and your business associates.

The next time you’re looking for a gift:

  • DON’T buy a tie!
  • DON’T give a calendar!
  • DON’T give a gift certificate!

Give "The Little Green WHO, WHEN and WHERE Office Managers E- Booklet"


Order right now and you also get these two valuable bonuses, absolutely FREE:

Bonus #1: "The 5 W’s of Organizing, a TEASER, and a "TICKLE"!"™ This six-page report is crammed full of organizing and sorting techniques that will help you sort through the piles, files and lists that are cluttering up your countertops, drawers and desks. People pay up to $49 in my workshops to learn these organizing and sorting techniques—but they’re yours absolutely FREE, simply by ordering a copy of "The Little Green WHO, WHEN and WHERE E-Booklet" today!

Bonus #2: "Security Items…" The last thing you want to do is waste time and energy trying to find the numbers for your security system, user id's, system passwords, etc. This valuable organizing tool puts all these items in once place, at your fingertips, to make your life at least a little less chaotic.

ORDER NOW using our secure credit card server.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Order TODAY and you’ll never again have to worry about WHO do you call, WHEN do you have it done or WHERE did you put it!

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