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Becoming a Professional Organizer and/or setting up your home office info can be found HERE

Healers: Are your clients energy fields ready to take and hold the healing you are giving them? I can teach you simple to use energy testing techniques that will ensure your clients are getting the most out of your healing and their never want another person to work with them! Call me at 410-586-9440. Training in person or via phone.

Internet Marketing

Training to Get You on the Web & Noticed

FrontPage Keywords/Linking Newsletters
Once you learn this you can fire your web master ...
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One-on-one, via phone or CD ...
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One-on-one, via phone or CD ...
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Product Creation Teleseminars Word
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One-on-one, via phone or CD ...
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"With Janet Hall as my coach and mentor my skills and my confidence to handle computer and internet related projects have been boosted and solidified.  Her patience, knowledge and training skills are extraordinary."
 -- Dr. Gabriele Van Zon, FSIA, FSII of Feng Shui Universal

Internet Marketing

I've been working with computers and have been in the computer training business off and on since the 70's and have had my own site since 1996. I've learned a lot on my own and have learned much from Internet Marketing Gurus, such as Tom Antion, Corey Rudl and others. I'm a very patient trainer, with hands on training experience or from the platform for your clients needs.

Do-it-yourself Web success is now within your organization's reach. Thanks to our one-of-a-kind programs, it's no longer necessary to have a design background, computer programming skills or specialized technical expertise to build a Web site that's effective, attractive, attention-grabbing and will get your visitors!

Why You Should Have a Web Site and 7 Steps to Creating Yours

Having a web site is an ‘add on’ to your offline business and you need to know the important seven steps to creating yours. Everyone tells you you must have a web site, yet hardly anyone tells you how to have one that will bring you business, sell your products, or get you clients or speaking engagements. If you have a business and not a web site you are LOSING business and that adds up to lost income. However, just having a web site presence won’t guarantee you business or visitors to your site. You must learn how to create one, not design one, which will bring the people looking for your services or products to your site.

FrontPage Training

FrontPage Show and Tell 101: How to Create a Basic One-Page Web Site

Janet's FrontPage Show and Tell can be conducted live in a
training lab or via phone.

Training on meta tags, insert and format images and text functions, create tables, links and email links. Where, Why, and How to INSERT your CONTACT Information, How-to SAVE, CLOSE, and OPEN your web site and How-to PUBLISH (upload) your web site to the Internet.

" I am not a techie but I can get around Microsoft Word and some of the other programs. I didn't have a clue about what to do with Microsoft FrontPage until Janet came to the rescue. In one telephone tutoring call she took me from opening the program to knowing enough to create my first one-page website. I had a new website the next day. I would still be trying to figure out the program now if it wasn't for Janet. The process was streamlined, easy to understand and doable, even for us impatient types. Janet makes things so easy. I highly recommend her no matter what your level of computer competence is." --Al Lautenslager, speaker, author, consultant, coach, business owner and entrepreneur of 

FrontPage Show and Tell 201: How to Create a Multi Page Web Site

Janet's FrontPage Show and Tell can be conducted live in a
training lab or via phone.

In addition to 101 training you will learn how-to Add additional pages to your web site, name your pages that are keyword rich and search engine friendly, create your navigational structure, apply a THEME,  insert NAVIGATION BUTTONS and tweak your TABLES using CELL PADDING and CELL SPACING.

"I called Janet and was very pleased and delighted with her politeness, mannerism and technical skills. She walked me through the programs and guided me in easy to understand language. I have now about 7 websites up and running thanks to Janet! Thanks Janet, I highly recommend you!" --Mike Chilton of Chilton Enterprises

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Keywords and Linking

It's All About Your Keywords

Did you know that keywords and the placement of keywords is what helps drive traffic to your site and helps in getting your site ranked higher in the search engines? From your domain name, Title Bar, and yes, even your Graphics are just a few of the places you MUST consider putting in your keywords. If you don't know what I'm talking about and you have a web site then you need this class.

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Newsletters and Articles

How-To Create, Publish, and Distribute an Electronic Newsletter or Tip of the Day

Get rapid success with this inexpensive, fast and highly profitable medium. Learn in two hours, from the comfort of your own home, all the insiders secrets Janet has used to build up a worldwide subscriber base of 7,000 plus people AND how in one recent 24-hour period her newsletter generated $600.00 in revenue from a $6 product.

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Product Creation

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Teleseminars and PowerPoint

How to Deliver Tele-Seminars and Make Money From Your Phone

Teleseminars are the easiest way to deliver your workshops, lectures, or training to a worldwide audience without leaving the comforts of your home or office. For beginners to the world of speaking teleseminars is a great way to practice or test a workshop and can give you the confidence you might be lacking for speaking in public.

You'll learn step-by-step how to conduct a teleseminar and the tools you'll need to get started. PLUS you'll learn how you can create products from your teleseminars, starting or adding to your product line. All this adds up to more revenue for your business!

So You Want to Be a Speaker?


Basic How-To’s and Tips From a Professional Speaker

  • Get Ready: Preparing to Become a Professional Speaker
  • Get Set: Creating Your Image and Materials
  • Go: Before You Present and Presenting

Entrepreneurs/Organizers/Feng Shui Practitioners/Healers
seminar 2 to 4 hours.

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Contact Janet

Office Hours for Calling Janet:

10 am - 5 pm
(Eastern Standard Time)

(I use an email spam filter so when you first send me an email you will get one back from me automatically asking you to verify you are a real person. Once you verify yourself, I will receive your emails. Thanks for understanding.)

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