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Clear Out the Negative in Your Spaces

Space Clearing is about moving/clearing negative and stagnant energies out of a space and/or building and to bring in positive energies, harmony and balance to spaces.

Moving out negative energies can be accomplished using a variety of "instruments" to clear the space:

  • Sound Makers

  • Scent Makers

  • Water Helpers

  • Fire/Smoke Makers

  • Feathers

  • Icons

  • Crystals/Stones

  • Other Elements


When to Space Clear

  • Before building
  • Before moving in
  • After a firing
  • After a death
  • After an illness
  • After deep cleaning
  • After moving furniture
  • When space feels sluggish

Register for one of my Space Clearing How-To's teleseminars or check out my Space Clearing audio CD of a workshop HERE

To learn more or have a space clearing with me please see contact Janet

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Contact Janet

On site and training via phone/email space clearings are available.
Monday - Saturday with morning, afternoon, or evening sessions.

Office Hours for Calling Janet:

10 am - 5 pm
(Eastern Standard Time)

(I use an email spam filter so when you first send me an email you will get one back from me automatically asking you to verify you are a real person. Once you verify yourself, I will receive your emails. Thanks for understanding.)

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