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Services for You and Your Clients

You Your Clients
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Give your buyers or sellers an OverHalled Move™  (feng shui, organizing, packing/unpacking or curb appeal) ...
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To survive in the real estate profession you need to have energy, be productive and organized, at work and at home.

Click here for my OverHalled Agent Flyer and then give me a call today at 410-586-9440

If you need your office feng shuied please see businesses

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Your Clients

If you have a building/home that isn't selling perhaps you or your client needs to have some feng shui done to attract a buyer. Feng Shui has been proven to help assist in buildings selling faster and for much more then asked for.

Feng Shui Services Available:

  • DCFF Inspection© - for buyers and sellers to use or hire me to do. This inspection is not and does not replace the inspection required for your loan. This is an optional inspection in which we discover what needs to be de-cluttered, cleaned, fixed and feng shuied. This inspection will give you a blueprint of what needs to be done to the building so it will show and sell.

  • Archityping Consultation: Do this before you build or buy

  • On-the-spot consultation
  • Full report, photographs and samples report
  • Furniture placement
  • Colors and lighting
  • Textures
  • Sounds
  • Aromas
  • Flow of spaces
  • Landscape/Curb Appeal

To learn more, have a DCFF Inspection© or feng shui for your building please see contact Janet

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Landscape/Curb Appeal

Whether you are selling a building or a home landscaping and curb appeal sends a message about your environment to your potential buyer. What message are you sending?

Feng Shui Services Available:

  • On-the-spot consultation
  • Phone & Email consultation
  • Full report, photographs and samples report
  • Consultation with builder and/or landscaper
  • Plant and material selection
  • Walkways and Pathways
  • Gardens: Meditation, SAD (Winter), Entertaining, and Children's
  • Wildlife attraction/homes: Butterflies, Moths, Birds and Bees

To learn more or have a feng shui consultation with me please see contact Janet

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I recall when I was looking to buy a home that I went to one that looked pretty nice on the outside however when I walked in...I was ready to walk right back out again! Clutter in EVERY room you could barely walk or breath! I wouldn't purchase a home that looked like that and neither will your clients!

For the past 10 years I've been a professional organizer and the co-founder of the International Association of Professional Organizers so I know my stuff...oh and did I mention the books I've written on organization.

Help your clients sell their home faster by hiring me (give me as a gift) or referring me to them (I offer a generous referral fee of 15% if hired by your client).

Click HERE to open and print out my flyer OverHalled Move to give to your clients today!

To learn more or have a de-cluttering session with me please see contact Janet

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It's not just time consuming, it can be a pain in the back, literally! Packing, unpacking and even setting up the household or office is one of my specialties.

Give me as a gift to your clients or refer me to them (I offer a generous referral fee of 15% if hired by your client).

Click HERE to open and print out my flyer OverHalled Move to give to your clients today!

To learn more or book a session with me please see contact Janet

Contact Janet

On site and via phone/email consultations are available.
Monday - Saturday with morning, afternoon, or evening sessions.

Office Hours for Calling Janet:

10 am - 5 pm
(Eastern Standard Time)

(I use an email spam filter so when you first send me an email you will get one back from me automatically asking you to verify you are a real person. Once you verify yourself, I will receive your emails. Thanks for understanding.)

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