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Tools to Help Grow Your Business

From e-books to audio instruction and training
to help you jump start or get ahead in your business




Jump Start Your Career! We offer one-on-one phone coaching and two different mentorship programs: Starting and Running Your Business, and Web Sites and Internet Marketing. If you would like to know more about our coaching or mentorship programs call us today!
800-687-3040 or Learn More

"When I started working with Janet, my ultimate goal for working with a coach was “getting there faster.”  I had a ton of ideas and was very excited about starting my own business.  By working with a coach, I hoped to find the straightest path to success, especially in areas that were newest to me … marketing products, writing articles, books, writing web content, etc. Janet helped me on all of these fronts. In six months time, with Janet’s coaching and guidance, I had my web site up and running, a contract developed for services, I was writing and distributing an email newsletter each month, I had developed my own organizing process to use with clients, I developed a 30 second intro to use in networking meetings, and the list goes on. When I started out, I knew I wanted to market and sell products on my web site. Janet opened my eyes to the possibility of developing my own informational products, and I’m happy to say, with Janet’s guidance, I will have my first one completed very soon! Most importantly, it was wonderful to know that Janet was always an email away. As a veteran organizer, she’s seen it all! Whenever I had questions about how to handle situations with clients, she had answers! Her knowledge and experience as an organizer have been a tremendous help!"
--Aby Garvey, Organizing Consultant for simplify 101, inc.

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Professional Organizers

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Feng Shui Practitioners

Holistic Healers


Feng Shui

Feng Shui Your Home Office for
More Clients and Prosperity

In my newest webinar home study course, Feng Shui Your Home Office for More Clients and Prosperity, you'll be given the organizational and Feng Shui tools for creating an environment that supports you, your goals, and your business. ...
Learn More

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This is a MUST have for running your home business and finding out what legal tax deductions you can take. You will be pleasantly surprised at many of the allowable deductions that your tax person has never told you about!

Check out The Ultimate Tax Reduction System.


Get Organized

"Winning the Fight Between You and Your Desk." Learn how to take a desk that looks like a toxic waste dump, and transform it into one that resembles the flight deck of an aircraft carrier!  Learn how to keep your desk clean or help your clients keep their desks clean!

Winning The Fight Between You and Your Desk | eBook by Jeffrey Mayer

I've produced over 40 audio CD's to help consumers get their office and home organized. Any of these audio CD's will assist you in learning organizing tips and techniques that you can use with your clients. Purchase as single tapes or as a series. Many of our audio CD's come with workbooks or handouts.

Home and Office Organizing

Organizing Children



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Become a Professional Organizer

Become an Organizer Ebook-GREAT for stay-at-home moms. The Wizard's Professional Organizers System - A complete system to teach you everything you'll need to know to get started and work with clients. Audio CD's, ebooks, coaching, and more    
Write Your Knowledge Down and SELL It


Start Your Feng Shui Business

Start Your Holistic Business

Become a Professional Speaker

Tom Antion offers a jammed packed speaking system that got me up to a professional speaking level commanding $3,000 PLUS per speech!


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Opening Doors with a Brilliant Elevator Speech | eBook by Jeffrey Mayer Opening Doors With a Brilliant Elevator Speech." Learn how to create new opportunities so you can close more sales and make more money.  This is a MUST if you are networking....YOU ARE NETWORKING aren't you?  Learn how to say who you are and what you do in less than 10 seconds. EXCELLENT ebook!  


"How to Be a Kick Butt Publicity Hound." 
Learn how to get all the free publicity you can handle with this Giant new reference training manual.

Radio Publicity Secrets
by Radio Publicity Expert Alex Carroll

Get Rich and Become Famous ...
Being a Guest
on BIG Radio Shows

3 Options to choose from!

Joan Stewart has some of the best advice and products that will help you in ANY stage of your publicity campaign. Check out Joan's stuff today!

 Joan Stewart and Me at IM Conference


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"Growing Your Business With ACT! Learn how to get the most out of ACT! so you can close more sales and make more money. ACT! is a Database every business owner should have! This is a How-To ebook and not the software.  


Learn FrontPage and have your web site
in one hour or less!

I've created an easy to follow, step-by-step multimedia CD, FrontPage Show and Tell. This training CD will help you create your web site and will give you hints and tips on how and where to purchase a domain name, get hosting, and how to design your site from a marketing standpoint. Screen shots with audio, just like I'm sitting next to you.

"Front Page Show And Tell Multimedia Training CD" by Janet Hall


Your one-stop guide to selling your products and services on the Internet. Check it out!

Learn the non-technical techniques of the Internet Millionaires, one of them, my mentor Tom Antion will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about Electronic Marketing for your web site HERE!

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10 am - 5 pm
(Eastern Standard Time)

(I use an email spam filter so when you first send me an email you will get one back from me automatically asking you to verify you are a real person. Once you verify yourself, I will receive your emails. Thanks for understanding.)

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