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If Something Happens To MeTM is one of the most comprehensive, relevant tools available to ensure that families are prepared for the unexpected.
  • Written by a Financial Planner and an Estate Planning Attorney
  • Worksheets to record the details relating to your assets, liabilities, insurance, wills and estate plans
  • Professional advice on a wide range of legal and financial issues
  • A step-by-step guide for what to do after losing a loved one
  • Tips for planning a funeral
  • Worksheets to record your funeral preferences and obituary information
  • A comprehensive document locator system and document organizer to store and keep track of your most important documents
  • Websites and contact information for important government agencies
  • Guidance on applying for Social Security and other government benefits
  • Learn how to save thousands of dollars in attorneys fees
  • Great resource for parents, newlyweds, people approaching retirement, or people receiving hospice care
Dear Friend,

What If Something Happened To You?

Life can change suddenly. If something happens to you or one of your loved ones, you need to be organized. This workbook is designed to prepare your family for the unexpected and eliminate problems and expenses that arise when handling a deceased person’s estate. In it you will find:

  • Space to record the details relating to your assets, liabilities, insurance, wills and estate plans
  • A checklist of what you need to do after you have lost a loved one
  • A comprehensive document locator system
  • Websites and contact information for important government agencies
  • A step-by-step guide to applying for Social Security and other government benefits
  • Guidance on protecting yourself with Durable Powers of Attorney should you become incapacitated
  • Professional guidance and tips to help you organize your financial and legal affairs
  • And much more

By investing a small amount of time and energy with If Something Happens To Me, you can accomplish a great savings in time, hassle and expense. We want your plans to succeed, and hope our workbook will help you leave a positive legacy for those you love.

“My wife and I have four young children and we own our own business. Keeping everything organized has not always been easy. If Something Happens To Me has been a great tool to help us get our affairs in order. Our document organizer is stuffed full of things like the kids’ birth certificates, our wills, our different insurance policies and financial statements. If we ever need anything, we know exactly where to go.”
--Kelly L.

Be Prepared. Leave A Positive Legacy For Those You Love.

This workbook is written for everyone. We all need to prepare for the certainty that, at some point, we won’t be able to handle our own financial and legal affairs. In the event of disability or death, the workbook will help you clearly communicate your wishes to your family and provide a road map of the steps they will need to take to handle your affairs.

The creators have made the workbook as easy as possible to complete. The workbook is divided into brief sections, and is written in a clear and simple format that only asks you to record your most important information. By investing a small amount of time and energy completing this workbook, you can avoid a great deal of wasted time, hassle and expense for your family.

For a limited time, order the book for only $19.95 plus S/H Order HERE

Book Contents:

Section 1-Personal Information
   Personal Information
   Contact Information
   Children and Other Dependents
   Employer Information
   Professional Advisors
Section 2-Financial Information
   Part A - Assets
   Bank Accounts
   Brokerage Accounts
   Individual Retirement Accounts
   Employer Sponsored Plans
   Education Savings Accounts
   Real Estate
   Closely Held Business
   Automobiles and other Vehicles
   Tangible Personal Property
   Miscellaneous Assets
   Summary of Assets
   Part B - Liabilities
   Mortgage Information
   Vehicle Debt
   Credit Card Information
   Student Loans
   Personal Loans/Lines of Credit
   Business Loans/Lines of Credit
   Summary of Liabilities
Section 3-Insurance
   Life Insurance
   Health Insurance
   Disability Insurance
   Long-Term Care Insurance
   Homeowner's Insurance
   Home Contents
   Auto Insurance
   Dental Insurance
   Umbrella Insurance
   Renter's Insurance
Section 4-Estate Planning
   Durable Power of Attorney for Finance
   Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
   Revocable Living Trust
   Irrevocable Trust
Section 5-Government Benefits
   Social Security
   Veteran's Benefits
   Medicare/Medicaid Insurance
Section 6-What to do After Losing a Spouse or Other Loved One
   Part A-Funeral Arrangements
   Planning The Funeral
   Funeral Preferences
   Obituary Information
   People To Contact
   Part B-Administering The Estate
   Gathering Information And Documents
   Transferring Property And Handling Court Proceedings
   Estate And Trust Duties
   Tax Reporting
   Amending Survivor Estate Plans
   Part C-Claiming Government Benefits
   Social Security
   Veteran's Benefits
Section 7-Safe-Deposit Box Storage
   Items You Should And Shouldn't Keep In A Safe-Deposit Box
   Safe-Deposit Box List Of Contents
Section 8-Document Locator System
   Identity Documents
   Asset Related Documents
   Liability Related Documents
   Insurance Documents
   Estate Planning Documents
   Funeral Documents
   Miscellaneous Documents
Section 9-Annual Review Checklist
Section 10-Notes

“After her stroke, it was very difficult deciding whether or not to move my mother into an assisted living facility. She didn’t want to talk about her finances with us kids, but we needed to know all of those details in order to make choices that were in her best interest. If Something Happens To Me helped us to bring up the topic in a more positive way and it will act as a great resource for our family.”
--Sandy T.

Order the book for only $19.95 plus S/H Order HERE

  1. Save your hard-earned money. Attorneys, accountants and financial advisors charge thousands of dollars to organize our estates when we die. Part of these expenses simply involve time spent tracking down records of what we own, what we owe, who is in charge, and who should receive our property. By completing this workbook beforehand, you can save a portion of that money for your family because they won’t have to pay your advisors for hours of wading through your records.
  2. Save those you love a lot of grief. Losing you would be tough on your family. Sadly, the pain, stress, aggravation, family quarrels, lost time, and wasted money that result from poor planning and organization only multiplies the pain. Completing this workbook will help you clearly communicate your wishes to your family, lay out a roadmap of the steps you want them to take, and list trusted friends and advisors to provide help and advice. Putting your affairs in order now will not only simplify things for your family, but it will clearly express to them how much you love them.
  3. Avoid legal and financial pitfalls We all can’t be experts at everything. The wisest people are those that avoid mistakes by knowing when to seek advice. We have helped hundreds of families put the many pieces of their financial and estate planning lives in order. The knowledge and insight we have gained from doing this is built into the workbook and you can use it to succeed in your planning and make smart decisions for your family.

Order the book for only $19.95 plus S/H Order HERE

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