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Clean Out Your Computer Day 

Everyone …. Stop what you’re doing…. Reschedule your day because today is Clean Out Your Computer Day (2nd Monday of February), sponsored by the Institute for Business Technology. This is a day one should set aside to really deep clean and organize one’s computer files and programs.  


  1. You can’t locate files when needed
  2. Your hard drive is almost full, slowing down your computer
  3. You’re running out of memory

Janet L. Hall, Professional Organizer shares these easy to do tips from her ebook How-To Clean and Organize Your Computer: 

  1. Delete unused and old: files, emails and email addresses, bookmarks and favorites
  2. Backup your files and programs at least every month
  3. Uninstall programs, shareware, executable files, e-books, or games that you no longer need or use
  4. Save only documents or emails needed. Ask: WHO needs it?, WHAT use is it?, WHEN will I use it?, WHERE will I find it?, WHY do I want or need it?, HOW long do I need to SAVE it?
  5. Templates and Time: create and use templates that will save you time (free templates for business and personal use at ) and take the time to schedule regular maintenance of your computer.

By taking the time to D-BUST and learn how to use your computer to its fullest, your computer and you will be humming along in no time! For Janet’s complete guide to clean and organize your computer, with step-by step screen shots for PC/Microsoft® users, please visit or for one-on-one training call Janet at 410-586-9440.


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