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Getting Started

Energy Testing Tapping

Sub-health conditions,  overwhelm, or lack
of interest? Start
your body energy moving again ...
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Quickly discover
what is draining
your energy. Easy
and simple to do ...
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Tapping your body is easy, quick and you won't believe the results you get instantly! ...
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Chakra Balancing Meridian Balancing Reiki Healing
Charkas are the energy vortexes of your body, opened or closed, spinning ...
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Invisible energy pathways or channels throughout your body ...
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Reiki Healing is gentle, restful, and rejuvenating. Sessions at your place, mine or distance healing ...
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Sound Healing

Color Healing

Have you ever
noticed how certain music/sounds make you feel or you play certain types of
music at certain
times in your life ...
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When you find yourself drawn to a color then that's the color - energy vibration - your body needs ...
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Smell, the first sense to develop and the one that never sleeps ...
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Janet's Energy Work Credentials: Certified Feng Shui Practitioner – 2002 * Professional Training: FSIA, FSII - 2002-present * Past President (2003-2005), Board Member, Certified Member of FSII - 2004-present * Graduate, Faculty Member & Mentor of FSIA - 2002-present * Mentors & Teaches: Sharron Oliver, Reiki Master; Donna Eden, Energy Medicine; Nancilee Wydra, Feng Shui Master; Ted Andrews; * Current Studies: HealTheology-AIHT * Learn More about Janet * Disclaimer* My energy work does not constitute medical treatment. It is a form of health and wellness maintenance / education and/or prayer therapy.

Getting Started

... so you can start moving on with your life - Pure and Simple!

Everything in your body is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light, color and scent, which have their own vibrations and frequencies. The goal is to balance or make neutral the energy vibrations and frequencies in your body with corresponding vibrations and frequencies of sound, light, color, scent or tapping.

If your body's energies seem to be stuck, generally seen as:

sub-healthy conditions lack of movement depression pain dis-ease
discomfort weak immune system memory loss lack of interest overwhelm

Then treat yourself to someone working on you and with you to begin to get your energy back and start experiencing:

good health again vitality happiness comfort harmony in your life
sharper mind participation in life again growth balance calm

If you work with me I generally will include in a Basic Energy Moving Session (Silver Package): energy testing, charka balancing, sound healing, and aromatherapy.

Come along and discover what these energy moving modalities are about and how they might assist you in getting your energy moving again, using one, a combination of them or call me and set up a one-on-one session at your place, my place or via phone. Read about my package sessions at Contact Janet.

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Energy Testing

In January of 2004 I was first introduced to energy testing and tapping. I was at an Internet Marketing Conference in Orlando, FL, and it was lunch and some how, some way in line I met Dr. Melissa Andersson who was also attending the conference. Well we got to talking and I was telling her about my wrist problems and she asked me to hold out my arm, while she pressed down on it, asking a question before she did. If my arm didn't move I was "strong" and if it went down, I was "weak". Amazing I thought and right on target! She then gave me some tapping exercises to do, right there at lunch, and instantly my wrists were without pain!

And so began my journey into energy testing and tapping. After lots of home study, I attended a five day intensive with Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, and studied with her and other practitioners.

Energy testing is a simple form of biofeedback; sometimes referred to as muscle testing, was first developed by Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of applied kinesiology, and later refined by Alan Beardall. The testing is generally done with a partner although you can learn to test yourself.

Donna Eden and Janet Hall (San Diego, 2006)

It is not used to determine how strong you are, i.e. the strength of your muscles; however used to determine the flow or blockage of energy flow in the body.

Donna Eden describes energy testing as "... a tool that lets you ask your body for information about what it needs. And it lets your body answer..."[1]

Energy Testing can be used for:

  • Foods (should or should not eat)

  • Vitamins (need or don't need)

  • Identifying imbalances

  • Chemical sensitivities

  • Meridian strength/flow

  • Chakras

  • Beliefs

  • Memories

  • Environmental conditions (impact on you and your energies)

How energy testing works is a little more technical then I wish to write about here; however it is said to reflect brain activity and electrical activity in the central nervous system.

"Everything from the food you eat to the people you encounter carries its own frequency, [such as delta, theta, alpha and beta waves] and impacts your nervous system." -- Donna Eden

To learn more or have an energy testing session with me please see contact Janet

Take one of my introductory classes for Energy Testing and Tapping Click HERE to register

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Late 2005 I called my new friend Dr. Melissa for help with a throbbing, pounding headache. Over the phone, using tapping techniques and thoughts my head pain was relieved, this took about 1/2 hour, and I was so relaxed I stopped working in the middle of the day and had a bubble bath!

Tapping, also referred to as Energy Tapping, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, developed by Gary Craig) and TFT (Thought Field Therapy, developed by Roger Callahan) are all forms of energy psychology, based on acupuncture. Tapping, which is using your fingers (not needles) or hand to tap on certain locations on your body, usually meridian points, introduces a corrective frequency to your central nervous system, or put another way, wakes-up and sends electrochemical impulses to your brain and releases neurotransmitters.

Tapping is fun, easy to learn and can assist you with events in your life that cause energy imbalances and psychological reversals, such as:

  • pain relief, stress, overwhelm and chaos, phobias and fears, anxiety and depression -  Ask me about the Black Pearl Sanctuary Technique

  • tiredness, insomnia - Ask me about the Brazilian Toe Technique

  • pack ratting, hoarding and clutter issues

  • focus, concentration, thinking and learning, immune system, vitality, addictions and cravings, and weight loss - Ask me about the Daily 5 Minute Routine

"Your body has the ability to heal itself." -- Andrew Weil, M.D.

To learn more or have a tapping session with me please see contact Janet

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Chakra Balancing

It was MANY years ago when I first heard the word chakra, which originates from India. Chakras can be explained as non-tangible spiraling energy centers or vortexes that some energy movers and healers can "feel" and "see". I can feel them.

Chakras are energy centers and there are seven major chakras and many mini chakras. Your physical, psychological and spiritual journey are mirrored in your chakras, which can also have many "layers". Chakras can be opened, closed, spin clockwise or counterclockwise, blocked and clogged, causing positive or negative energies and/or attributes.

Your chakras are associated with colors and musical notes, fragrances (vibrations of energy), psychological functions, organs, and glands and each has their own set of attributes. For a complete chart of the seven major chakras, their associations and attributes click here.

The Chakras by C.W. Leadbeater (1927) is considered to be a classic book on this topic, which you can read by clicking chakras

([ 2] with my addition of Chakras)

Chakra balancing is generally conducted during a Reiki Healing and is restful, calming and needed if showing attributes such as, yet not limited to:

aggression hyper worrying anger trapped by beliefs or traditions possessiveness
financial or emotional insecure dogmatic resisting change forgetfulness always late impatience

"Your chakras pull their energy in from your environment (including, for better or worse, the energies of other human beings) and distribute them in your body." --Donna Eden

To learn more or have a chakra balancing session with me please see contact Janet

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Meridian Balancing

I don't recall the first time I heard about meridians; however I do recall the first time I could trace and "feel" them, sometime around 2002! How exciting.

Meridians are channels or pathways in which Qi (chee) energy is carried through. Generally worked with in acupuncture, both part of Chinese medicine, there are 12 major meridians: Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Pericardium, Triple Burner, Gall Bladder, Liver, along with the Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel. One meridian begins where another has ended, each flows in a particular direction, they all have several "points" or "energy dots" along their pathway, each point being associated with an illness, dis-ease or disorder, and the 12 meridians correspond to organs and the Pericardium.

Meridians can become blocked, stagnate and start running in the wrong direction which can cause physical and emotional illness. "A disorder in the Stomach Meridian, for example, may cause upper toothache because the Meridian passes through the upper gums..."[3]

Balancing your meridians can be as easy as "running" or tracing them, flushing them, twisting and stretching them, massaging them or tapping them.

" Because your body is in use twenty-four hours every day, day in and day out, and because it is under continual stress and has periodic "earthquakes," its pathways need regular maintenance and repair as well as an occasional major renovation." -- Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine

To learn more or have a meridian balancing session with me please see contact Janet

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Reiki Healing

In 1996, when I first started my business, I was introduced to Reiki Healing by a client, who took me to a shop and almost insisted I make an appointment with the healers before our next appointment and so I did. I was glad I did and have been studying Reiki since. In 2002 I received my attunement to a Reiki I and in 2003 a Reiki II. I'm a "naturally" at this and have MUCH energy to share and give (notice how red my hands are in my picture at the top of your screen - pure energy! And they always are red unless someone drains my energy.)

Reiki, also known as Laying On of Hands, Healing Touch and a variety of other names, can be '...traced back to Tibet and its said to have moved to India and China, then Japan and finally the US in 1938 by a woman healer, Hawayo Takata.' [4]

Reiki means universal life force energy, derived from 'ki,' the Japanese word for this energy. Words to name this form of healing life force are known worldwide. They are chi'i or qi in China, prana in India, mana in Hawaii and orenda in Native America; every culture has its name for this vitality or life force energy. Reiki is the universal, Goddess-within energy that fuels life...[5]

Reiki healing transmits energy from the Universe through a healer to assist in pain relief, speed up the healing process (physical and non-physical), and calms the emotions.

Many hospital ER personnel, medics, ambulance drivers, firefighters and police officers find reiki healings the only time they can truly relax and sometimes even sleep. Reiki is commonly used now in many hospitals for women during labor and delivery, in recovery after surgery and I have even heard of Reiki being used during surgery.

Whether you have a high energy pressured job, are healing or just want some rest or good energy there is nothing like having a Reiki Healing and I encourage you to experience a healing at least once.

"Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, do not anger. Honor your parents, teachers, and elders. Earn your living honestly. Show gratitude to everything." -- Dr. Mikao Usui

To learn more or have a Reiki Healing session with me please see contact Janet

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Sound Healing

While we're in the womb we hear our mothers heartbeat and then lullabies; as children we learn through song and instruments; as teenagers and young adults, we have our favorite love songs, break-up songs, school songs, and favorite musical groups/bands. We are exposed to commercial jingles, marching bands, work songs, wedding music, funeral music, holiday music, religious music and patriotic tunes. Each one having their own resonance, rhythm, melody, harmony, pitch, timbre and energy. Music can make us happy or sad, cry, dance with joy, and make our blood pressure go high or low.

Outdoors we are exposed to traffic sounds: cars and trucks speeding by, horns blowing, planes flying overhead, trains chugging down the tracks, sirens from police, fire or ambulances and nature sounds: birds chirping, leaves rustling in the breeze, waves hitting the shore, water bubbling down a stream, a dog barking, a horse whining, or an insect buzzing by. Most might not even be aware of these sounds or these sounds might be what some call noise.

Sound, it's all around you!

How You Hear:

What we call "sound" is really an onrushing, cresting, and withdrawing wave of air molecules that begins with the movement of any object, however large or small, and ripples out in all directions. First something has to move -- a tractor, a cricket's wings -- that shakes the air molecules all around it, then the molecules next to them begin trembling, too, and so on. Waves of sound roll like tides to our ears, where they make the eardrum vibrate; this in turn moves three colorfully named bones (the hammer, the anvil, and the stirrup), the tiniest bones in the body.[6]

Sound healing may be produced by a voice, a recording, or an instrument such as electronic equipment, chanting bowls, drums, or tuning forks. I like to use voice, music, singing bowl, drums, rain stick and a pitch pipe.

Music therapy goes back to ancient times. The I Ching, Chinese Book of Wisdom states that "music has the power to ease tension within the heart and to lessen and loosen obscure emotions". This is one of the oldest books in Chinese culture.

Sound healing is useful in:
improving your memory controlling pain change your emotional outlook managing stress and anxiety regulating heart rate and blood pressure
improving your mental and physical energy levels controlling panic attacks better sleep meditation stimulating your immune system

"The human body is a bio-electrical system which can be altered, strengthened, and/or balanced through the use of sound." -- Ted Andrews, author of The Healer's Manual

To learn more or have a Sound Healing session with me please see contact Janet

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Color and Light Healing

Some 2,500 years ago, Pythagoras applied color light therapeutically and `color halls' were used for healing in ancient Egypt, China and India. The Ayurvedic texts of ancient India recount the Gods using colored light to heal the body and to inject life force into food and water. [7]

Colors are frequency wavelengths. When you find yourself drawn to a color then that's the color - energy vibration - your body needs, which can change from hour to hour and day to day.

11 ways to use color to get your energy moving:

  1. food

  2. body color (jewelry, hair)

  3. clothing

  4. looking at color

  5. color breathing

  6. painting

  7. furniture/fabrics

  8. chakra color balancing

  9. color meditation

  10. feng shui spaces

  11. colored water

Ask me about Chakra Color Therapy

To learn more or have a Color Healing session with me please see contact Janet

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Smells (odors) fall into seven categories: mint (peppermint), floral (roses), ethereal (pears), musky (musk), resinous (camphor), foul (rotten eggs), and acrid (vinegar). Smell was the first of our senses.

Aromatic plants have been used by humankind since the drawn of history. There is evidence that over some 4,000 years ago, the Ancient Sumerians made use of scented herbs such as cypress and myrrh, while in the 1870's George Ebers discovered a 21-metre (70-foot) scroll of papyrus that listed over 850 Ancient Egyptian botanical remedies, dating from about 1500 B.C. [8]

According to research, René-Maurice Gattefossé is credited with coining the term aromatherapy in the early 1900's.

"Aromatherapy is used to treat everything from the common cold to central nervous system disorders and diseases. Many people rely on Aromatherapy to relieve symptoms of common physical problems as well as emotional and mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Along with their antibacterial and antiviral properties, many essential oils also help eliminate stress, increase energy, enhance memory and stimulate natural healing." [9]

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Contact Janet

Single energy  moving and package sessions are available at your place, my place or via phone,
Monday- Saturday with morning, afternoon, or evening sessions.

Energy Moving Package Sessions

Bronze Package: Starter Energy Moving Session - includes energy testing and tapping

Silver Package: Basic Energy Moving Session - includes energy testing, charka balancing, sound healing, and aromatherapy.

Gold Package: All Inclusive Energy Moving Session - includes energy testing, tapping, reiki healing with charka clearing and balancing, Brazilian toe technique, black pearl sanctuary, spinal flush, sound healing, color healing, and aromatherapy.

You can customize your own package!

Office Hours for Calling Janet:

10 am - 5 pm
(Eastern Standard Time)

(I use an email spam filter so when you first send me an email you will get one back from me automatically asking you to verify you are a real person. Once you verify yourself, I will receive your emails. Thanks for understanding.)

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A Clogged Person Equals a Clogged Place
A Clogged Place Equals a Clogged Person!

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