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Why is it taking me so long? - OverHall IT!

Are you getting in your own way of accomplishing the things you want to do?

Ok - so you've set some goals, or started a new project, or began a new program, or what ever you've started; however have never finished or followed through on.

You ask yourself, "Why is it taking me so long?" or "Why can't I ever finish what I start?"

I can hear your answers already; I don't have time, I got busy, I forgot, I have ADD or ADHD, I just can't seem to get back to it, I lost interest, something came up and on and on and on your reasons and excuses go.

Now listen up - you and only you are the true reason things are taking so long, left unfinished, or never completed!

I know that might sound harsh and you're probably mumbling to yourself right now that 'she doesn't understand", or "she doesn't know what it's like", or "she doesn't live in my world", or "she doesn't have a clue" - oh stop already!

Those are 'victim' thoughts, 'excuses' thoughts, and 'blame' thoughts. I know - been there - done that.

When you have these destructive, negative thoughts you are in conflict with yourself - you're fighting against yourself - and you're lowering your energetic vibrational patterns in your body and mind instead of feeding your body and mind positive energy.

Another way to look at this is that - for some reason - you are holding yourself in negative patterns; victim, blame, excuses, poor me, and consuming destructive, negative TV shows or music, too much of or the wrong kind of food, drink or drugs, associating with the "wrong" people, or thinking, speaking, or acting in negative ways that does not MATCH the positive pattern of your desires.

The consumption of negative visual, audio, and chemicals affects your brain and the energy levels of your body.

Let me give you two examples/studies to explain this further:

1. Masaru Emoto, scientist and author of the New York Times Best Seller, The Hidden Messages in Water, "discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings, plus water is affected by electromagnetic rays". In several of his experiments with water Emoto placed a class of water next to a TV, computer, and radio. He then crystallizes the water and is able to photograph the crystals.

What he discovered is life changing! The 'crystals' were very out of shape, ugly, and sometimes just plain nasty looking; however when he applied a label to the same bottle of water with words like love, gratitude, or played pleasing music or uplifting shows the 'crystals', when photographed again, looked like beautiful snowflakes!

Remember you are 70 percent water, a baby is 80 percent and a fertilized egg is 96 percent water!

2. Bruce Tainio, microbiologist, developed equipment to measure the bio-frequency of humans and foods. He used this equipment to measure and determine the relationship between vibrational frequencies in the body and disease.

In one experiment the measurements of frequency fluctuations in the body were taken as different substances were introduced. A healthy human brain has a frequency of 71-90 Megahertz (MHz). When a SIP of coffee was taken the healthy human brain frequency dropped to 52 MHz (which is the same frequency one has when they have Epstein Barr syndrome) and it took three days for the frequency to return to 66 MHz. However the study also showed that when a therapeutic essential oil was inhaled within 21 seconds the 'normal' frequency returned.

The study also included thoughts: negative thoughts lowered the brain frequency by 12 MHz and positive thoughts raised the brain frequency by 10 MHz and prayer and meditation raised the brain frequency by 15 MHz.

The above research and studies are very powerful, wouldn't you agree?

So, how can you begin to change your negative to a more positive so you can be healthier, happier, getting things accomplished, meeting the goals you've set for yourself, and living the life you desire?

Baby steps, the willingness to change your patterns of destruction, and taking action.

1. First you want to identify your negative patterns that are draining you of your energy and time.

2. Second you must be willing to make a commitment to change.

3. Third you must take the necessary actions to eliminate the negative in all areas of your life.

In the next few issues we'll be looking at and identifying several destructive patterns and how you can begin to change them.

What can you change today?

Commitment 1: Stop watching negative television shows/movies. Stop watching TV to fall asleep by.

Make a list of the types of shows or movies you always watch.

What types of programs are you watching? Murder, horror, evil, soap operas, reality, gossip, court, shopping, or the news (and how many times a day do you watch that?)?

These types of programs affect you energetically (remember Emoto's research on water and you are 70 percent water).

Those types of programs feed on the negative, destructive patterns plus they take time away from what you really desire.

Action Step: For one day turn off the television, unplug it and cover it up. Stop letting that big black hole in your home drain you.

Discover and look for new ways to "unwind" and spend your time, such as working on your goals or projects, have some fun, take a walk, read (be careful what you read - that's the next step), meditate, play some games with friends or family, have a bubble bath, do some yoga, call a friend or family member (only talk about positive stuff), or spend some time outdoors in Mother Nature.

If you really "need" something to fall asleep by turn the TV or radio onto a zen, spa music station - you'll sleep better for doing this.

Make the commitment today and take the action step each and ever day and sit back and watch your energy begin to shift and Say YES to Life!

I'd love to hear from you how your life is changing by just turning off your TV. Email me at and if you'd like
assistance with change and commitments I'd be happy to coach you via phone or in person. Visit  for more details.

For more information on Emoto and Tainio please visit:



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