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OverHalling and Balance
Planning, Scheduling and Doing ...
... for Your Business to be Successful in 2007

By: Janet Hall, The Person/Place Energy Mover

Before the upcoming holidays get the best of you - and before you know it it's already 2007 - and you haven't a clue where, how or on what your business days will be spent this coming year, please do yourself a favor and go into your office, close the door, take some time to read this and then start your own planning and scheduling. If you do this you're bound to be more successful this year as you know the old saying, "Those who plan plan to succeed and those that don't plan plan to fail."

I started my 2007 planning some several months back in 2006, not all of it, just my workshops and teleseminars that I wanted to present or have been hired to present. Like me you might also already have things on your calendar for 2007; however have you really looked back at what worked and what didn't work, where you focus or lack of focus was, and how you worked your day? Would you like it to be different this year? Would you like to be more focused this year? Would you like to get more done this year?

I believe there are seven areas in our life we should do our best to keep balanced: spiritual, health, family/home, finances, professional, social and intellectual, so I created an Excel spreadsheet where I could list and see what I need to do daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. I also added my goal-resolves - see article at - for each of these areas for the coming year. In each of the above areas, except professional, I did my best to have no more then three to-do's in each area at any given time.

Let me give you an example of my Health area:

Daily - Walk 30 minutes, Daily Routine/Meridians and Eye Drops (Hourly). I'll remove eye drops or the other tasks once I form that new habit; once it's second nature to me and built into my day, like brushing my teeth, I don't need that on my to-do list
as I automatically do that just as other things in my life I don't need on my list. I'll add, remove or replace with new items as the year progresses, such as I already know I will be having some major dental work and I will be required to do some new daily maintenance. Okay you get the picture?

Weekly - Clear Chakras and Energy Dance

Monthly - Massage or Reiki Healing

My professional area has the biggest piece of my time since I work - owning and running my own business - so I found it more helpful to break down the areas in my work that also need my attention daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly, also adding my goal-resolves to those areas.

Here are the areas for my work: Administration, Healing Work, Products, Promotion, Research, Shopping Cart, Study, Training/Coaching/Speaking/Clients, Videos, Web Sites, and Writing. (If you're a stay-at-home-mom/dad or retired you can do the same thing although your areas might be called something else, such as Money Management (bills, banking, investments) or Children's Activities (football, band, etc) ).

Let me give you an example of my Administration area:

Daily - Phone calls, Database, Emails, Shipping
Weekly - Banking, Computer clean-up, Virus Update and Scan, and Computer Back-up.
Monthly - Email Clean-up and Filing

My goal-resolve for this area is the following:

I, Janet Hall, have determined that I need to keep my computer clean, organized, virus free, and increase disk space in order for my computer to be of service or value to me and my business. I will do this by maintaining a daily, weekly and monthly schedule of tasks to be performed and doing them.

Now in the next couple of weeks I will time myself to see how long each of these tasks take in order to assign the time in which I want to do them. By doing this I also make sure I have enough time in the day/week/month to accomplish all I want or need to do. I will also notice where I can multi-task, such as while I'm running my computer back-ups I can be working in another area of business.

To get started determine what you need or want to work on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly, how much time you will spend on the task and when you will perform the task, day and time. Pencil that into your schedule or use your computer and
you can even color code the daily from the weekly, etc.

Once completed this living document will act as your guide, help you stay focused and on track for the plans you have laid for
yourself and your business to succeed in 2007.

Review your schedule as needed or at least quarterly to make sure you're working your plan and to make any adjustments.

Get a f* ree copy of my time management log to assist you in creating a schedule that will work for you at
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Janet L. Hall
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Port Republic, MD 20676
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