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Weeding Out the Weeds in Our Lives

By: Janet L. Hall

As I was weeding the pathway to my front door I started to reflect on the past months events in my life and two of my clients.

I started laughing as I realized we three had a common bond in July ... more about them in a minute.

In my working spaces I weeded out books, tapes and CD's that no longer served me. I weeded through my paper files, computer files, and emails, purging, and deleting what was no longer needed. I transferred all my pictures and videos off my main computer onto an external terabyte hard drive.

Then I started weeding out the bathroom and kitchen drawers and shelves.

With a feeling of "new ground" and more space in my office and home I looked to my yard - more spaces to weed; the pathway, the flower beds, the vegetable garden, and even some potted plants!

To me pulling weeds is uplifting, as well as calming, although I don't want to do it everyday. Pulling weeds also gives me time to think, day dream, and even plan. It's my alone time with my thoughts and nature.

Okay so back to the two clients ...

One client I'm in the process of organizing and Feng Shuing her whole house, room-by-room; weeding, purging, recycling, dumping, donating, selling and deleting.

I looked to her yard and mentioned she really needed to have her pool area and entrance way weeded and mulched so I called in my reinforcements for yard help.

Within four days her entrance way and pool area were transformed into beauty.

Inside, her home was feeling more like a home. The children were thrilled when they saw the changes we had made: a living room that was now "really" a living room. A space where they could relax together and invite their friends over for a movie or a dip in the pool.

A formal dining room turned into a gathering space where the client can now entertain and entertain she has.

She called the other day to tell me how everyone that visits loves the new look and feel of the place.

My second client, well I've been weeding out her home over the past year and a half ... two dumpsters and 669 lbs. of paper ... yes I weighed the bags of paper!

Finally finished she too was ready to tackle the outside; overgrown and neglected flower beds. Out with the weeds!

And as a bonus, she and her husband have both lost weight, just like I have!

All that weeding can change your life. All that weeding will change the energies of your spaces.

Sure it might be emotional, it might be back breaking, it surely will take some time, however when all is said and done your life will finally be weed free.

What weeds do you need to tend to?

Janet is a Professional Organizer - Certified, Certified Pyramid Feng Shui Practitioner, Speaker, and Author and can help you regain control of your life, your time, your stuff, and your environment. FREE newsletter, OverHall IT! at

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