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Organizing Your Bathroom and More!

Is Your Bathroom Going Down the Drain?

Benefits of an Organized Bathroom

Tools and Tips to Help You Gain More Storage


Is Your Bathroom Going Down the Drain?
By: Janet L. Hall

As you and I know, most bathrooms have limited space and storage. Many of them are crammed with too much stuff: a lotion or potion you used once, the shampoo and conditioner samples collected while on travel, medicines or other items used once or never finished using, towels that have seen their day, and reading material and even mail that just piles up and piles up, all the while collecting dust and germs.

Your bathroom is a room in which you and others use on a daily basis. The most private area in your home, yet a busy room in which activities, such as baths, showers, brushing hair and teeth, shaving, and using the toilet are usually performed by yourself FOR yourself. Yet for some it’s a place of refuge, hiding from the world, the family, reading or just sitting on the "throne," thinking, planning, or daydreaming. Your bathroom can be a place of solitude where you can float away in a sea of bubbles; meditating, planning, creating, listening to music, while candlelight is reflected in the mirror dancing around the room.

We store and keep all kinds of things in our bathrooms: from linens to tub toys, lotions to medicines, and even books and magazines. Oils, candles, matches, and lets not forget the toilet paper. Unless you’ve remodeled or designed your own bathroom-the standard bathroom in a standard home usually only comes equipped with a small medicine cabinet and maybe under the sink storage and many don’t even provide this essential storage space.

Being disorganized or not having enough storage in your bathroom can literally drain you of energy and patience in the morning, evening, or anytime you enter into this private space.

Below I've listed 10 tips on how you can gain more storage (for more storage tips please see end of article).

  • First let's take a look at what you might be able to TOSS or Let Go:

  • Make-up, hair products, lotions and medicines lose their "power" over time. So toss out those you haven’t used or seen in years. Some can contract bacteria and could be dangerous.

  • Let go of seldom used nail polish and eye shadows.

  • Check expiration dates. If expired dispose of safely and properly. To dispose of prescription and over-the-counter medications take them to a pharmacy where they will be sent for disposal in a manner that causes least harm to our environment. DO NOT Flush unused medicine down the toilet as this can cause SERIOUS harm to the environment and you. Break up containers that were prescription, especially if they had a refill on label.

  • Look for products that have dried up or evaporated.

  • If you travel pre pack any duplicates in your suitcase.

  • Rusty razors, scissors or anything else that has become rusty-OUT.

10 Tools to Help You 
Gain More Storage

1. Wall mounted cabinets
2. Carts on wheels
3. Hooks on back of door
4. Shower caddies
5. Dispensers
6. Coat rack – great for hanging towels and robes on
7. Cut and install straight magnet inside medicine cabinet
to hold tweezers, scissors, or other metal items
8. Small dishpans or crates
9. Mesh bags
10. Wall mount hair dryer and curling iron

To Purchase some of these tools, click HERE

Benefits of an Organized Bathroom:

  • Your money will stop going down the drain when you know what you have on hand because you won’t go out and buy duplicates.

  • You’ll be less stressed, especially in the morning because you’ll know where everything is.

  • Clean up will be a snap with everything contained.

For more Bathroom Organizing Tips, Strategies, and Safety Please continue reading

Bathroom Tools and Tips to Help You Gain More Storage:


  • Wall mounted cabinets

  • Carts on wheels

  • Hooks on back of door

  • Shower caddies

  • Dispensers

  • Coat rack – great for hanging towels and robes on

  • Cut and install straight magnet inside medicine cabinet to hold tweezers scissors or other metal items

  • Small dishpans or crates

  • Mesh bags

  • Wall mount hair dryer, curling iron

  • Install towel holders or rings for adults and children at their levels

  • Store reading material in a magazine rack

  • Laundry hampers

  • Store excess supplies back of door or another location

  • Drawer organizers

  • Designate a shelf or container for each family member's personal
    stuff and an area for general use by all members

  • Group towels by color or size

  • Roll up towels for maximum storage

  • Store bottom and top sheet, with spare pillowcases into one pillowcase to lay flat

  • Place seasonal items, such as beach towels, tanning, or sunburn lotions on top shelves or in another location

To Purchase some of these tools, click HERE

Under Bathroom Sink Storage:

Think before you put under the sink.

Please take appropriate precautions when storing items under the sink or where your children or visiting children - and pets for that matter - might be able to get to if items could potentially harm them.

  • Fabric skirt for sink (use Velcro to attach and hemming tape to create hem)

  • Storage containers under sink

  • Items used the most should always be stored near the front.

Have you gotten your little red booklet yet?

Store Like Items with Like Items:

If you don’t have shelf space – contain items.

  • Mouth and tooth care – mouthwashes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, floss threader, water pic

  • Hair styling – brushes, combs, blow dryer, curling iron, hair spray, gels, clips, headbands, rubber bands, bobby pins, barrettes, curlers, mousse

  • Hair care – shampoo, conditioner, hair coloring or dyes

  • Beauty care – facial scrubs, masks, lotions, moisturizers, make-up removers

  • Cosmetics – liner, mascara, shadows, blush, foundation-liquid and powder, lipstick, brushes, cotton balls, cotton swabs

  • Nail care – nail clippers (toes, fingers, children), emery boards, nail polish, polish remover, cuticle, orange stick foot

  • Body care – soaps, scrubs, brushes, bubble bath, oils, lotions, feminine hygiene products

  • Shaving care – razors, shaving cream (some have his and hers), after shave splashes, trimmers

  • First aid care – bandages, ace bandages, thermometer, burn gel, ointment, tweezers, scissors, tape, emergency numbers

  • Bath tub accessories – candles, bath toys

  • Cold and flu care - cough drops, cough syrup, chest rubs, decongestant, aspirin, antiseptic, pediatric medicines

  • Eye care – contact cleanser and solution, eyewash, eye drops

  • Ear care – ear drops

  • Nose care – nose hair clippers, tissue, nose sprays

  • Pain relievers

  • Children's medicine

  • Vitamins

TOO Many People Need to Use the Bathroom:

  • Create a rotating schedule for family members in the morning and evening

  • Use a timer if the bathroom is shared

  • Timer and a clock – won’t have to waste time running to another room to check the time.

SAFETY in the Bathroom

Label: cold and flu, topical and skin medications, internal and external use only: These items should be stored separately so they are NOT ingested by accident or used improperly.

Bathroom Safety Products for Children:

Bathroom Safety Tips for Children:

  • Set the water temperature no higher than 120 (F).

  • Never leave your toddler in the bathtub alone, even for a short time. Toddlers can drown in as little as two inches of water.

  • Place a lock on all the toilets.

  • Lock up cabinets containing perfumes, make-up, and other similar bathroom items.

  • Children can open most "childproof" caps in about seven minutes.

  • Twenty ounces of perfume is enough to kill a 20-pound baby

  • Any object that can fit through a bathroom tissue paper roll can choke a toddler.

  • You may be surprised to know that babies are capable of drowning in toilet bowls. If you cannot purchase a toilet latch this item remember to keep the bathroom door closed. Never leave any electrical appliances plugged in near water.

International Association for Child Safety PH# (888) 677-IACS

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Bathroom Safety Products for Seniors:

Need a First Aid Kit?

Wow! I found this site that has a first-aid kit even for your pets!

Need More Help? 
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