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Harmony and Ebony

By: Janet L. Hall

What kind of an environment are you trying to produce or experience: one that is exciting, Yang, or one that is calming, Yin? Couples should be aware that the bedroom should be more Yin - somewhat dark and quiet - to ensure not only a blissful rest, but also a safe, loving, and honored space in which they can be their selves.

The energy of your bedroom or space is evoked through what you see, hear, smell, feel, and how you move through the space. Some refer to this energy as Chi, which is what you experience when you are in a space.

Every space has it's own unique sight (views, colors, shapes), sound (noise, movement), smell (odor), and feel (texture of fabrics). Energy - it's all around us!

To help ensure calm and harmony, couples need to honor each other's individuality by providing space in their bedroom that allow each person's personal needs to be obtained. However, bringing in the "office," computer, exercise equipment, or television can cause your bedroom to have too much Yang, too much energy and over stimulation, which can cause restlessness and disharmony. Placing pictures of people that bring bad memories, or any unsettling pictures, such as a boat being tossed about on wild seas are not desirable items for your place of refuge either.

If you are having difficulty sleeping your bedroom might be too Yang. Maybe your sex drive is out of gas, which could be caused by an overabundance of Yin or using incorrect shapes, colors, odors, or textures in your bedroom.

Soft, cushy bedding and fabrics can help create a Yin bedroom that will be harmonious, loving, and supportive. Speaking of supportive, make sure your bed has a headboard that you can comfortably rest against. A supportive headboard relates to support in your relationships.

Introducing muted mid tone colors (Benjamin Moore Paints Pink Eraser arouses sexual thoughts), cool temperatures (leave a window cracked or turn down the air temperature), lavender scent, which is sleep inducing, or Jasmine that speaks of harmony and desire will also help you obtain a more Yin space.

When looking around your bedroom make sure what you are seeing promotes the quality and feeling of the life you are "dreaming" of. Play around with colors, smells, shapes, and textures until the desired result is achieved.

Start by removing all clutter, unused items, or items that cause unhappiness, bad memories, or that agitate you!

Using your intuition or gut feeling, add, move, or remove things in your space until you "feel" what you are trying to achieve in your space. And to create intrigue and mystery for a special night throw on some black satin sheets!


Janet is a Professional Organizer - Certified, Certified Pyramid Feng Shui Practitioner, Speaker, and Author and can help you regain control of your life, your time, your stuff, and your environment. FREE newsletter, OverHall IT! at

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